Creating a Marketing Campaign

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Marketing Campaigns are comprised of products such as signboards, photography, websites, etc.

These are the products that are purchased to get exposure for the property that is for sale or lease.

Creating a Marketing Campaign

All marketing campaigns are attached to a listing record. There are two ways to create a marketing campaign for a listing.


1. When Creating a Listing Record

When creating a Listing Record, you can select YES for  Is there a marketing campaign?

Then click the Add Campaign button 


2. From the Products Page

Click on Marketing → Products to view all of the Marketing Products and build the marketing campaign. 


Building the Marketing Campaign from the Listing Record

If you are building the Campaign from the Listing Creation wizard, you will be able to select an existing campaign template

or create a new campaign from scratch (but you can save the campaign as a template for future use)

Then you will need to add the Products 

The Products are categorised as per below

When clicking into the categories, the products are further categories by the State and Country 

To add the Product to your campaign, click on Choose Product.

This will automatically add the Product to your Cart and you can Add Product to add more products or Next to move to the Invoicing step.

In the Invoicing Step you can select who is paying:

The Vendor - you will need to select the Vendor that is paying. This will address the Invoice to this Contact.

The Agent (you) - You can select which Agent (if there are multiple) will be paying this invoice


Both (the payment is split and 2 invoices are created) - you can select which parties the invoices should be addressed to and how much each party will be paying the Product.


Other (another party will pay this invoice) - You can enter who the invoice should be addressed to

When you are ready to send the Invoice click on Finish and Send Invoice 

The Campaign will be created against the Listing Record 

and the Invoice will be sent to the parties by email. The Agent is always copied into the email that is sent to other parties.  

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