Digital Listing Proposals

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What are they?

Digital Proposals are a digital combination of Listing Kits and CMAs. They are flexible templates that can be used before or during a listing presentation. They include:

  • key information about the property including nearby sales

  • key information about the agent (testimonials, profile)

  • proposed listing terms including the commission and marketing campaign

There are other products on the market that offer similar services including:

The benefits of using the @realty CRM proposals are:

  • in 1 platform, do not need to sync or recreate data in another platform

  • integrates with the marketing products in the CRM

  • all data required for the template is already stored in the CRM

  • marketing invoices can be automatically created and sent when the proposal is accepted

  • the listing record is automatically created when the proposal is accepted

How to create a proposal?

Proposals can be created from several screens within the CRM

  • Header: Click on Properties → Proposals

  • Property Record: Click on the Proposals tab in the Property Record, then click Create New

  • Contact Record: Click on More Actions → Proposals

Step 1 - Select the Property

When the Create Proposal pop up displays, select an existing Property or create a new one.

If you click Create a New Property all of the fields will be blank. The address field will be connected to the Google API to search for Addreses, and when one is entered and selected, the Pricefinder API will be used to populate the rest fields where it can. A new Property Record will be created in your database when they click NEXT at the bottom of Step 1.

If Select an Existing Property is clicked, then the Address field will be a look up field to select existing Property Records. Options will display as you type the address

When the Address is selected, the rest of the fields will populate with the data from the Property Record.

Step 2 - Proposal Information

Here you can select from a list of templates. Depending on the selected template will determine the sections that display.

The Residential For Sale templates contain 12 sections:

  • Thank You

  • Your Property

  • Features

  • Comparables - Sold

  • Comparables - For Sale

  • Property Value

  • Marketing

  • Head Office Team

  • About Agent

  • Testimonials

  • About Us (About the @realty network)

  • Next Steps

You can delete or move these sections. Before progressing to the next step, be sure to complete all sections with fields.

If you delete a section and wants to add it back in, the can do so by clicking Add Section. 

At the bottom of Step 2 you can then select the expiration term of the Proposal, which auto-calculates based on the number of days.

Step 3 - Preview / Edit

On this step you can preview what the proposal will look like and edit parts of the proposal. To edit the fields, click the edit toggle and the editable fields will display with a blue background.

Step 4 - Send

In this step you can send the proposal via email. The Proposal link will be automatically added into the body of the email.

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