How to Create an Appraisal Record

Modified on Sun, 08 Oct 2023 at 06:50 PM

Appraisals are an easy way for you to keep track of Properties you have provided an estimated valuation for.

Creating an Appraisal

You can create an appraisal from:

  • The appraisal list view 

  • Create + in the header    
  • The Property record

When creating the Appraisal record, the Property field will need to be populated. This will auto-populate if the Appraisal Record is created from the Property Record.   


The Status can then be set to one of the following:

  • Active - You are actively working on converting this Appraisal to a Listing

  • Reappraised - You previously provided an appraisal for this property, and have now provided another appraisal
  • Won/Converted - This appraisal has become a Listing

  • Lost to another agency - Another agency has listed the property

  • Not interested/Cooled off - the Owners have decided not to sell the property

Select the date the appraisal took place.

Choose the Owner’s interest level of listing the property with you. 

  • Hot = You believe you will get the listing soon

  • Warm = You believe they will list but are looking at multiple other agencies, or you are unsure if they will list in the near future

  • Cold = You do not believe they are ready to sell in the near future

Select the Agents that are working on this appraisal

Enter you estimated Property value range

What does the Owner want for the property. If this is a Property Management appraisal, you can enter the Rent field instead.

The Estimated Commission will auto calculated based on the average of the Min & Max value range multiplied by the Commission Percentage

The Close Date is the date you expect the Owner will list with you.

If you have provided a CMA, you can attach the doc here for future reference

If you have created a Digital Proposal for this Property, you can attach it to the Appraisal record here

You can add a Comment to the Appraisal record to help you when referring to it in the future. This comment can be saved against the Owner Contact Records as well.

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