Buyer Matching with Listings & Appraisals

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Listing Records

The purpose of creating preference records is so the system can automatically match contacts that may be actively looking to purchase or rent to listing records within the database.

When is there a match?

A match occurs when there is a Listing Record with status = Draft, Active, Current or Under Offer and the following fields in the Listing Record match or fall within the range of the corresponding fields in the Preference Records:

  • Type


  • Sub-type - Even if the Preference record has multiple sub-types selected, only 1 sub-type needs to match for a ‘Match’ to occur

  • Bed

  • Bath

  • Car Park (this is the sum of all car park fields in the listing record)

  • Price - use the below field from the Listing Record. As long as the Listing Record price is within the range (including equal to the minimum an maximum) then there is a ‘Match’


  • Postcode in the Listing Address - The postcodes are what is considered for a match. In the screenshots below the Suburbs are different in the listing and the Preference Record, but the below is considered a match because the Postcode is the same (4870)


  • Preference Record is Active = YES

Displaying Matches

In the listing record under the Potential Matches tab there are 2 sections.

  1. My Matches - This will display all of the contacts in the Agents, and Teams if the agent belongs to a team, database that has a matching Buyer & Tenant Preferances

  2. Network Matches - This will display all Agents that are within the @realty Network that have contacts in their database with matching preference records


Appraisal Records

When is there a match?

A ‘Match’ occurs when the preference records of the Contacts and the details of the Property Record and price (Min and Max fields) of the Appraisal record.

If the range of the Price in the Appraisal record overlaps with the price range of the Preference record at all, this will be considered a Match for the Price part of the code.

For example the below would be considered a match for the Price because the price of the Preference Records overlaps the Price of the Appraisal Record 



Displaying Matches


Matches will display against appraisal records in 2 locations.

  1. The Appraisal list view 

  2. The Appraisal tab in the Property Record 

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