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Offer links are a great way for potential buyers to easily submit non-binding offers for properties and for the agent to present all offers in a uniformed format to the sellers.

How to submit an offer?

There are several ways the you can provide access to the Offer Link Form.

The link can be copied by clicking the yellow ‘copy’ button from the Offers tab in the Listing Record.

It can then be sent via email or SMS.

Offer QR Codes

A QR code can be printed from the Listing Record here 

This will generate a QR code specific to the Listing Record

This is great to leave on the kitchen counter at Open Homes so potential buyers can easily submit offers.

Email & SMS Templates

An email or SMS template can be created that contains the Offer Link. So whenever an email or SMS is sent from an Action Plan using this template, that the recipient can submit an Offer using the Offer Link.

Coming Soon... The Offer Link merge fields will be added to the Email and SMS templates, so that you only need to create the template once, instead of one for each listing.

Landing Page

Every agent has their own unique Offer Link landing page, that can be used for general marketing purposes.

The offers landing page is a single URL that will allow the viewer to select a property to submit an offer for from all available residential for sale properties.

Only Listings that belong to the Agent or the Agent’s team members that are Residential For Sale with Status = Active or Under Offer will display as options. 

Once the address is selected, the view will be redirected to the Offer Link Form for that property.

You can find the URL for your Offer Landing Page by going to Set Up → Landing Pages

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You can either copy the link to the landing page or view the landing page.

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Handy Hints

A QR code can be created for this landing page to be on display at Open Homes. This is helpful so that the User does not have to create a new QR code for each property, instead one QR code can be used for multiple properties.

The landing page URL can also be linked to a button on a website. This can be helpful if the agent has built their own website and they want the public to submit offers for properties.

When sending emails or SMS the single URL can be easier to use then adding property specific URLs.

Buyer’s Experience

When the Buyer opens the Offer Link, they will be presented with a screen where they are requested to enter their Offer Amount. The listings Advertised Price will display under this field, same as it would on any website.

When selecting the Deposit Amount, the Buyer can either choose the % of the Offer amount, or provide a fixed value by selecting Other. 

Next the Buyer can select the Settlement Date as either the Number of Days from signing the agreement or by choosing a specific date.

Then the Buyer can choose what conditions they would like to attach to the Offer.

When selecting the Condition, they simply need to enter the number days the Condition will be valid for. 

The Custom Condition will allow the Buyer to add in any other conditions that they would like entered into the Contract.

The Buyer can then edit or delete the selected Conditions.

Then the Buyer will need to provide some additional information. 

They will be asked to provide their Finance Status.

Then Legal Assistance status.

Then, one of the most important questions - Do you have a property to sell? This can be used to identify potential future listings.

Then they will be asked to provide their details and how they will be purchasing the property.

Once they have added their details, they can Send Offer. This will send an email to the agent with the details of the provided Offer and it will create an Offer Record with the status as In Negotiation.

Email Notifications

The email will send as soon as the Buyer and completed the Offer Submission. It will include:

  • the details of the Offer

  • link to the Offer Record

  • link to the Offer PDF

  • link to the Listing Record

The Offer record will be created with the status as In Negotiation and all Offers created from the Offer link will have via Offer Link next to the Offer ID.

Only the 1st two tabs in the Offer Wizard will be populated with data. This is because other parts of the Offer are likely to change during the negotiation process.

Offer PDF

The Offer PDF will clearly display the particulars of the Offer so that the agent can easily provide the Owners with a uniformed format when presenting multiple offers.

The PDF can be downloaded from the Email Notification.


The PDF can also be downloaded from the Listing Record by clicking the yellow download button. 

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