Prospecting Checklist

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The below checklist is designed to make sure you are getting most out of the @realty Cloud CRM by utilising all of the tools and services on offer.

Instant Appraisals

The @realty CRM has a built in Instant Appraisal feature that is great for capturing contact information from people that are considering selling.

You can learn more about this feature here

Email Marketing

The @realty CRM has a simple to use email marketing feature with pre-built templates. In order to stay front of mind with contacts within your database, you should set up a recurring monthly or quarterly email that will send to your database. You can duplicate the HO template Prospecting - Instant Appraisal 

This template is designed to be a set and forget email that is sent out to your contacts, offering an easy way for them to quickly track the value of their property. 

If they complete the form, the lead will be sent directly to your inbox. You can set this to be a recurring email that is sent out monthly or quarterly, and we recommend using the subject: How is your property performing? 

Action Plans

Action plans are a great tool for automation tasks and communication with your database. @realty has created Action Plan templates that are ready to use right away.

6 Month Nurture Campaigns

You can turn on nurture campaigns that will send emails to specific contacts over a 6 month period. These are great for keeping you front of mind for Buyers throughout their buying journey, especially since buyers can also be sellers in a lot of instances.

These campaigns include emails that are tailored to they type o Buyer including 1st home buyers, Downsizers, Upsizers and Investors. The campaigns will trigger when the relevant tags are added to the Buyer Contact Records.

You should duplicate and turn on the following Action Plan templates:

  • 1st Home Buyers
  • Downsizers
  • Upsizers
  • Investors

You can learn more about Action Plans here


When a Contact enquires on the system will highlight that they are a potential seller if they have indicated that they are interested in buying and selling.

Also, if the Contact has indicated that they are a 1st home buyer or investor, the system will automatically add the 1st Home Buyer or Investor tag to the Contact and will automatically trigger the 6 month nurture campaign if the Action Plans above are turned on. 

Price Updates

Price updates are a great feature to keep property owners in your database update with nearby sales. You can easily generate a digital Price Update link and send it to them. When they open the Price Update they can book in an Appraisal with you.

To learn more about Price Updates click here 

Social Media Marketing

@realty offers in-house social media marketing services for lead generation. Unlike most 3rd party companies, we do not take fees out of the ad spend, instead 100% of your ad spend actually goes to the ad spend.

To learn more about this service, click here

Offer Links

Whilst Offer Links are used to collect offers for listed properties, there is a prospecting question in the Offer Form. The potential buyer will be asked if they have a property sell, and surprisingly a lot of people do need to sell before they buy. Using Offer Links is a subtle way of finding out the Buyer's needs.

To learn more about Offer Links click here 

More Prospecting Ideas

You can find more prospecting ideas here

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