Buyer & Tenant Preferences

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What are Preference Records

Preference Records store the data that relate to the types of properties the Contact Record wants to purchase or lease.


If a field is blank then the value is ‘any’. For example if the Bed fields are 3 to ‘blank’, then the buyer has a preference record for listings with 3 bedrooms or more.

If the Bed fields are ‘blank’ to 3, then the buyer has a preference record for listings up to 3 bedrooms.

If LOCATION (Suburbs) is blank, then the Preference Record indicates the buyer is interested in listings in ALL suburbs

How Preference Records are created

Preference records can be created either manually or automatically.

Manually Created

You can manually create a Preference Record by going into a contact record, then clicking on ‘Create Preference’


Automatically Created

Most Preference Records will be automatically created from enquiry records. When a Website enquiry record is created for a contact a Preference Records is also created.

The data that is inserted in the Preference Records will relate to the Listing Record.


Contact Creates Preferences

Contacts can create their own Preferences or update their current Preference records. This can only be done if you send an email containing the Preference Update Link.

There are Saved Rows which contain the Preference link which the agent can easily add into Email Templates.


When the Contact receives the email and clicks on the Link they will be taken to the Preference update page. 



Preference Records Automations

When a Preference Record is created or updated and the REASON is any of the following, the corresponding TAG is automatically added to the Contact Record.

If you have turned on the Action Plan Templates that relate to the below tags, these contacts will automatically go into your 6 month nurture campaigns.







1st Home Buyer

1st Home Buyer



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