Creating a Contact

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You can create a new contact by clicking on the '+ Add ' button on the contact list screen or by clicking the 'Create +' button from any screen.

When clicked, the Create Contact Block will display with the following fields 

  • Entitydropdown selection of either Individual (default selection) or Business

  • First Name (individual)Text field to enter the first name of the contact

  • Last Name (individual)Text field to enter the last name of the contact

  • + Add Partner: Under Last name field you will find a feature where you can easily add a partner. Follow the options accordingly

  • Name (business)Text field to enter the name of the business

  • Greeting name: Text field which will be used when greeting the Contact in communications. This field auto-populates with the data entered in the First Name field, but the User can edit the name. This is good to use if the User wants to address spouse in the same line. For example Hi John and Mary.

  • Legal name: Text field which can be used to store the legal name of the Contact. For example they may have a nickname, however their Legal name differs, which is what is for legal documents such as Listing Agreements and Contracts. The Legal name auto-populates with the First Name and Last Name  data.

  • TypeThis is the system categorisation of the Contact. There are dependencies throughout the system on this selection.

  • PotentialThis is a quick way for the User to select if the Contact is Potential Buyer or Seller

  • Primary Email: This is the email that is used for communications throughout the system

  • Email Type: The User can select what type of the email address this is for the Contact

  • Primary Phone: This is the phone that is used for communications throughout the system

  • Phone TypeThe User can select what type of the phone number this is for the Contact

  • Tags: The User can use Tags to custom categorise their contacts. They can select multiple tags for each contact.

  • Note: Notes will be saved against the Contact record when the Contact Record is saved.

Then "Save changes" button is to the bottom right of your screen.

Duplicate Check

When the you are typing in the email or phone fields, the system will search for existing Contacts with matching email addresses or phone numbers and display the results:

Matching Emails:

Matching Phone:

You can select one of the Contacts in the results window and you will be directed to that Contact Record page.


When the Contact is saved, a success pop up will display and tyou can choose to view the contact record, create another contact or close the pop up and remain on the current page.

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