Adding an in negotiation offer & why

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This document outlines the process for Agents to lodge ""In negotiation"" offers in the @realty Cloud.

Why Create an In-Negotiation Offer

In negotiation is used if the contract has not been finalised and a first deposit needs to be taken.

When conducting an auction, in order to generate the Deposit Details for the purchaser, you will need to create an In-Negotiation offer.


How to Create an In-Negotiation Offer

STEP 1 > From inside the Property Listing an offer can be created by selecting either of the two Create + buttons. For ease of use by selecting the Create + in the centre Listing panel the Listing Address will be automatically added in the Details panel.


STEP 2 > The Create Offer window is opened with 7 Steps listed across the top panel. 

STEP 3 > The first step is selecting one of three editable options displayed in the Status dropdown menu. It is only possible to complete all 7 Steps when an Offer has been Accepted. In this instance In Negotiation will be selected. 

STEP  4 > An option to select a conjunction agent is displayed in the middle panel.

STEP 5 > A buyers agent checkbox is available to select. If you are acting as the Buyer's Agent, then you should tick this box.

STEP 6 > An Offer number is now assigned with the next step to include Details of the sale. 

In the details panel, the number of steps will now be reduced to 3. 

STEP 7 > In the Details panel the offer Amount, Offer / Contract Date and Type of Offer are editable. When the Offer is Created from within the Listing panel the Listing address is automatically added.

STEP 8 > It is possible to add in the Buyer’s details if their Contact has been already created and inserted in the Buyers panel.

STEP 9 > If the Buyer Contact has not already been lodged in the system it is possible to Create their Contact by selecting the '+' button.

Step 10 > The Add New Contact panel will appear and allow the new Buyer Contact to be added into the system.

STEP 11 > The Buyers are now added into the Offer with the option to Verify Identity displayed next to their names.

STEP 12 > Attachments such as the Contract of Sale, Letter of Offer etc, can be uploaded in this section.

STEP 13 > After clicking Next the Deposits panel appears with the Details of the Deposit to be added here.

STEP 14 > The Deposit invoice can be directed to the appropriate contact added into the following panel. It is also possible to notify both Seller and Buyer legal representative when Deposit funds have been received. Please make sure in this step that you have the buyers details. Ie name, the same as contract.

STEP 15 > Clicking the green next button will save your offer and issue a deposit request to the buyer.

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