Owner & Creditor/Contractor Payments

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Owner payments

Landlords can be paid twice monthly (not fortnightly). This of course is dependant on what rental income is received by way of rental payments from tenants.


Payments are scheduled for the same period each month but please bear in mind that as these days are not set days each month, the actual date of payment may vary. Payments are made on the following days each month.


For owners on monthly payments (tenants are paying monthly)


  • Payments are made on the first business day of the month.


For owners on twice monthly payments (tenants are paying weekly)


  • Payments are made on the first business day of the month, and
  • Payments are also made on the 15th of each month, or the next business day after the 15th.


Why did the payment not occur or was less than expected?


Typically, if tenants pay regularly and on time the owners will receive similar amounts each payment run. It’s important to understand that the owners could get a higher or lower amount than they expect for several reasons, being;


  • The actual day of the week the payment run is made may not line up with when the tenant pays rent that week / period.
  • Additional bills may be processed that reduce the income they receive (maintenance, rates, water rates etc)
  • Tenants may have fallen behind unexpectedly.


Contractor & Creditor Payments


Contractors are paid in line with the twice monthly payments noted above, based on income available for the owner and property that the invoice relates to.


Contractor & Creditor Invoice Cut-off Times


For Head Office to be able to process all invoices and ensure as many Contractors are paid as promptly as possible it’s important for you as the agent to ensure that all invoices are emailed through to Head Office no later than 3 business days prior to the payment run days noted above.


Please email invoices to Head Office via rentals@atrealty.com.au


Invoice information required


As we are paying an invoice on behalf of a property owner it is important to ensure that the invoice is received on behalf of the owner and not address to @realty or yourselves as the agent. All creditor invoices should be address as follows:


[owners name – e.g. J Smith]

C\- @realty Head Office

Level 11 / 50 Cavill Avenue



Invoices MUST have the rental property address included in FULL

Tenant invoices to be processed

For any invoices that need to be issued to tenants please be very clear with your instructions on what is to be charged.

Tenant invoices are essentially invoices generated to reimburse the property owner (as our legal client). 

Tenant invoices cannot be for a cost over and above the cost the owner has incurred as part of the management of the property (e.g. if the owner doesn’t pay for property signage then the tenant cannot be charged for property signage in a “break lease” situation).

Tenants are provided 1 month to pay any invoice that is generated. Typically the owner will pay any Contractor / Creditor invoice in full and when due and the tenant will reimburse the owner through the Trust Account process.

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