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This feature highlights opportunities in the your database by cross-referencing your contacts and the properties they own against your recent activities in the area such as new listings and sales. For example if you sell 15 Smith St, Broadbeach and you have a contact Frank Sinatra of 123 Smith St (just down the road), then Frank Sinatra would be added to a call list of Contacts for you to communicate with.

Call List Record

The call list record is a unique list which is created for you when you have an event for one of your  property which you have contacts nearby. The list is based around the property and the event that occured. Each list is unique for you and only contains your contacts.

List Record Creation

Our CRM system will automatically create custom lists for you as explained below:

Event Triggers

Creation of the custom call lists is triggered when any of your properties has one of the following events:

  • Property listed for sale
  • Property marked as sold

NOTE: Event tracking is based only on your Properties list.

List Creation

Once an event for a property occurs our system will search for nearby properties in your Properties list and add the listed Contacts of these to a unique call list for you. If no nearby properties are found then a list will not be created.

Nearby: 5km Radius

Call List Page

The call list page is accessible through the Contacts menu or direct using

The Call List page contains only your for the logged in User.

The call list can be searched by address by entering part of such as street or suburb.


The call list can be filtered by the following:

  • Category
    • All
    • Just Listed
    • Just Sold
  • Created Date Range
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Week
    • This Month
    • Custom Date Range


The call list can be sorted ascending or descending by columns:

  • Progress
  • Created


The call list table contains the following columns:

  • Name - The address of the property that triggered the event
  • Category - The event which was triggered
  • Progress - How many nearby contacts ( contacted / total )
  • Created - The date the event triggered creation of the list
  • Action
    • View - View the custom call list
    • Delete - Delete the custom call list

Call List Record Page

The call list record page is your central hub for getting in touch with your contacts located near a nearby property event.

The left hand column has the event property and your nearby contacts.

  1. The property that triggered the call list creation
  2. Your nearby contacts list
    • Skip - Not contacted this time
    • Complete - Contact made

The body of the page has the details of the selected nearby contact from the left hand column.

  1. Details
    • Mobile and email
    • Nearby owned property
    • Who on your team the contact belongs to
    • Last contacted date
  2. Actions
    • Log a call
    • Send SMS or email
    • Create a task or appointment
    • Add a note
  3. Activity
    • History of previous contact made
  4. Topics to Talk About
    • Details of the trigger property to use as a conversation starter
    • Other recent nearby property events
    • Not Relevant - Remove property for contact is not relevant
    • View Listing - More details on the event property

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