Code of Conduct, Misson & Values

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@realty is a current Member of all Real Estate Institues in all states/territories & countries that we operate in, which is underpinned by a professional code of conduct.

As Members of the Real Estate Institutes we will;

  • be ethical, honest and fair to all;

  • deliver professional service;

  • adhere to industry best practice standards;

  • undertake ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD);

    Ensure that the information we provide is current, accurate, relevant and complies with the law.

    What makes us different?


Our Vision...


To be the number one provider of Real Estate services in Australia by providing a fresh, reliable and innovative approach with old-fashioned values.



Our Mission...


To build a successful internet, cloud based real estate business. We have been building up a strong and strategic position for the company. Thanks to the highly professional practices and ethics of our Sales Associates, we surpass the expectations of the sellers and buyers, @realty Sales Associates work with and have a positive effect on how business is conducted in the real estate market. Along with our partners, contractors and shareholders, we are a strong team sharing one interest: satisfying buyers’ and sellers’ needs when dealing with properties.We are continuously building proper and long-term relationships with buyers and sellers, local communities, business partners and colleagues, because it is people and human relations that are extremely important to us in business.


Our Objective...

Is to maximise client satisfaction and loyalty by satisfying their actual needs.


Our Values...

  • Fresh and reliable

  • Old-fashioned and down-to-earth approach

  • Professional and Competent

  • Proactive


We endeavour to ensure that everyone profits: clients, Sales Associates and shareholders – this is the only method of permanent and successful growth.


  • “We know that people are the most important – any problem can be resolved with the right team of motivated people.”

  • To buyers and sellers, we guarantee highly ethical conduct by acting in accordance with the @realty Code of Ethics.

  • We are highly focused on the needs of our clients and follow the @realty principles of Guaranteeing quality of service as stated below.

  • It is important to us that growth is generated by knowledge and professionalism, so we are committed to continually improving our software platform and looking at new and innovative ways to help in the buying and selling of property

  • We strive for simplicity, clear responsibility and speedy execution by sharing and replicating information and experience, because it is only the fast ones who can succeed in the market in the long term.

  • We always treat out partners with trust, high esteem, we respect and build relationships based on open communication and loyalty.


@realty guarantees you quality of the services


Buyers and Sellers always come first for our Sales Associates, and thus they do everything they can to guarantee their satisfaction. One-hundred percent service is a given by @realty and its Sales Associates. We guarantee the quality of services offered and have thereby implemented business terms and conditions, which are described below.


Set of Rules and Tools Guaranteeing Quality of Service


Business terms and conditions


1. Definitions

@realty Office means any natural or legal body established in the real estate business, The Sales Associate means a party utilising the @realty system, providing independent business in real estate services, which is contractually bound by @realty. The Client means any Buyer or Seller being a natural or legal body, which use the real estate services provided by the Sales Associates. The contract means an agreement for the provision of real estate services (brokering the sale or purchase) between an @realty Sales Associate and the client.


2. The Code of Ethics

@realty and the Sales Associates proceed in providing their services always in accordance with the client’s (Buyers and Sellers) interests and their activities are governed by the laws of Australia and The Code of Ethics of @realty.


3. Brokerage Contract

@realty and the Sales Associates provide real estate services only by a written agreement. All guarantees and benefits provided to the client under the Sales Associate or @realty are subject to a written contract conclusion.


4. Remuneration

@realty Sales Associates are entitled to remuneration (commission) for providing real estate services. @realty and it’s Sales Associates shall be obligated, without being asked by the client, to issue and submit a proper invoice billing for the fees (commission), including, in addition to all legal requirements, an appropriate amount of the GST. A remuneration includes a brokerage for brokering

a sale/lease of the property, and includes a minimum range of services, regardless of to what extent they have been in
a particular case used by the client.


5. Money deposits

@realty Sales Associates are authorised only to offer clients trust accounts for holding marketing monies and/or deposits for the purchase of property. @realty keeps an independent bank account, in which the funds are deposited, separately from the account intended for normal office operation.


6. Property condition

@realty or the Sales Associates are not liable for damages incurred in the case that a client withholds or provides false information on the condition of the property.


7. Information obligation

@realty Sales Associates have an obligation to regularly inform sellers of the communication and feedback received in regards to the marketing of their property and of the buyers progress throughout the duration of the contract


8. Complaints

Buyers and Sellers have the right to file a complaint concerning the quality of services rendered by any @realty Sales Associate by calling 1300 299 377. @realty’s policy is to always conduct themselves in accordance with the @realty Complaints Procedure and settle any suggestions or complaints immediately.


9. Compulsory liability insurance

@realty Sales Associates are obligated to be covered by liability insurance. Any damages to the property of a client during the course of the business transaction incurred by an @realty Sales Associate is covered by insurance.



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Updated: 1.02.2018

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