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The use of the internet and the software platform is integral to the establishment and continuous development of a successful career with @realty. 


This policy establishes conditions and provides guidelines for use of the internet and software platform by staff and sales associates of @realty.


This policy covers the use of the internet and email through the @realty website and software platform.



All staff and sales associates using the @realty internet, email and software platform share responsibility to ensure;

  • @realty resources are used ethically, economically and efficiently

  • Each individual is accountable and responsible for the use of the @realty resources

    Directors and managers are responsible for;

  • Ensuring staff and sales associates are aware and understand this policy ;

  • Where possible monitoring and enforcing this policy; and

  • Providing leadership by example.


All staff and sales associates will be supplied with a network login for access to the software platform and email for work related purposes only.


  • By accepting the login to the software platform you accept responsibility to use the resources accordingly


Email and Personal File Storage

Sales Associates will be provided with a business email address, Web page and a generous personal file storage facility through our software platform. Access to emails and Data is available from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.


Each Sales Associates email address will be in the form of their name or

Passwords for login to the software platform and emails should be changed every 30 days. All passwords and logins are to be kept private and not released to any other third parties without express written consent from @realty. All emails must have the 2-step verification process set up in order to prevent email hackers.


@realty has a cloud based software that stores all emails throughout the company where @realty head office can access these emails at any time. 


Consent will be provided or denied once written permission has been provided by the user.


Permitted use

Use of the software platform and email services by staff and sales associates is to be in a manner that is lawful and consistent with the Code of Ethics and other policies of the company.


Personal use of the email service is permissible under the following conditions;

  • Is infrequent and brief

  • Is in your own time

  • Does not impact on the business of @realty

  • Where use of a @realty account, the personal nature of the communication is made clear.


All staff and sales associates’ making use of the @realty software platform and email account should be aware that they do not have the same rights to privacy as you would if using a private device.


Examples of what would be considered reasonable personal use are:

  • Conducting a brief online bank transaction

  • Paying a bill

  • Sending a brief personal email, similar to making a brief personal phone call


Permitted extended personnel use

It is recognised that there may be times when staff need to use the internet or email for extended personal use. An example of this could be when a staff member needs to use the internet to access a considerable amount of materials related to study they are undertaking. In these situations it is expected that:

  • The staff member advise and negotiate this use with the Manager

  • The time spent on the internet replaces all or part of a staff member’s break/s for that day, or

    that they adjust their timesheet accordingly for that day.
    All emails must be accompanied with the following signature block at the end of the email


Prohibited use

The company software and email must never be used for the following purposes:

  • Create or exchange messages that are offensive, harassing, obscene or threatening

  • Visit web sites containing objectionable (including pornographic) or criminal


  • Exchange any confidential or sensitive information held by @realty (unless in the

    authorised course of their duties)

  • Create, store or exchange information in violation of copyright laws (including the

    uploading or downloading of commercial software, games, music or movies)

  • Use internet-enabled activities such as gambling, gaming, conducting a business or

    conducting illegal activities
    Create or exchange advertisements, solicitations, chain letters and other unsolicited or bulk email. Staff may not use the computers to play games in work time. 



Creted: 30.01.2014

Updated: 1.02.2018

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