Creating Email Templates

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How to create a template

Creating email templates is a useful tool for efficiency. It is recommended create a template for emails that you use regularly.

To create a template, click Set Up -> Email Templates

Click on Create Templates

Be sure to fill in all of the fields. Select the category the template will be saved in. You can learn how to create email categories by clicking HERE.

Using Merge Fields

Merge fields auto-populate based on the Linked Records. When creating your email template insert merge fields by selecting the Linked Record type then choosing the Merge Field

There are 3 types of Linked Record, and each will display different Merge Fields:

  • Properties
  • Listings
  • Offers

Also, the Contact Record Merge Fields will always display at the bottom of the list 

In case the selected record does not have a value for the field you are using, you can set a default value for Merge Fields by using a #. For example: [First Name# ]. In this example there is a space after # so if a contact's first name is not found a space will be inserted instead.

Example Email Template with Merge Fields

In the below example, the template includes Merge Fields from Listing Records and the Greeting Field from the Contact Record.

It's important to note that #'s are used as a fail safe for some of the fields. For example, in the subject line [suburb] is used. However, it has been modified to [suburb# Your Area]. Meaning, if for some reason the Suburb does not merge, Your Area will be used instead.

Also, the Click Here to View Online has been turned into a button using the Website Merge Field. This done by using the Link button in the editor.

Now, when sending an email, all that needs to be done is selecting the Listing Record and all of the fields will populate when sent.

You can learn more about Merge Fields HERE.

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